BEATER has been continuing to produce aluminum tanks for motorcycles for 31 years.
Our factory is located in Shizuoka which is the foot of Mount Fuji registered as a world heritage site. Originally Mr. Nakahara the founder, worked in the car production company for competition.


Although there was tough time for several years until business is finally on track, early in the ’90s, the company was deluged with the OEM production or the request of trial products of domestic motorcycle makers, or the orders from custom-made shops, custom-builders, and race persons concerned which heard the company’s reputation all over Japan. and as a result, even on weekends, there was time which was being committed from morning until night.


In the Suzuka 8-hour endurance race, one of the FIM world endurance championships in 2015, we obtained enough reliance that about 80% of more than 70 participating teams used our aluminum tanks. The technology impresses even the motorcycle persons concerned overseas, so recently, the number of the orders from the race teams of Europe, where endurance races are prosperous, or the street riders seeking quality excellent pieces has been increasing. 

We usually provide over 50 kinds of tanks, which becomes near double if one-off products are included. Since all our products are handmade, exactly the same thing is not at all. It becomes the tank only for you in the world.



Currently, five engineers have gathered, and spent busy days to send the best excellent pieces to the customers who are waiting for the articles of orders in the months ahead. We believe that the craftsmanship fills you with true pleasure of riding. 



*BEATER-JAPAN.COM/YOURBASE.LLC is the exclusive exporter/distributor of BEATER aluminum tanks for overseas market.
*Please contact us for distributor information.


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