1.5 mm thickness version-
Cost: 12000 JPY  
Standard version=1.2mm or 1.5mm
*depends on motorcycle.


-Original logos-

Cost: 100,000-JPY or More. Depends the length of the words. Please contact us.



-Hair-line (soft brushed) Finish with Urethan clear coating-

Cost: 60,000~70,000 JPY




-Professional Paint-
Cost: 50000~100000 JPY *depends on design.


-Polished Finish-
Cost: 50000~60000 JPY


-Dry Break (quick fuel charger)-
Tank capacity 20 liter, aluminum body, including stand. made in Japan
Price: 95000JPY + Shipping
Outlet ID:25 mm OD:44 mm or 35.5 mm 


20 liter
-Dry Break (quick fuel charger) World Endurance Championship type-
Tank capacity more than 24 liters, Twin valve type, locking structure, made in Japan
Price: Depends on season, please contact us for more details.


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